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Adult Day Service referrals

PCA Referrals

Personal Care Assistant services are not covered by private insurance or Medicare. However, they can be covered by Medicaid. If a client is eligible for Medicaid reimbursement, we can help you with the paperwork required for Medicaid coverage for your Personal Care Assistant services

Eligibility requirements for PCA services:

  • The recipient must be receiving MN Medical Assistance (MA), or be eligible for Services through a waiver Program.

  • The PCA Service must be medically necessary.

  • The recipient must be able to make decisions about their care or have a responsible party living with them who can make the decisions.

Provider Referral Information

If you are not a provider, but are seeking PCA seervices or a provider referral, please call your local County Department of Human Services. If you would like to refer an individual to our program, please complete the Referral Form.