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Employee links

New employees will be able to register for an ADP payroll account one day before their first payroll deposit (or anytime thereafter). When registering, use the Find Me option that will verify your identity Once registered, employees will create their own unique username and password. We cannot create usernames or passwords for employees.

Setup Online Payroll Access

Username/Password Resets

Employees must use the automated Forgot Username/Password link. We are not able to view / generate / change usernames or passwords for employees.

1. Click ""Create Account"

2. Click the "Find Me" button

3. Enter your Email or Mobile Phone number (alternate option: enter your information)

Or select “Your Information” to enter your personal information

4. Immediately check your email or SMS for the automated verification code to complete your registration.

Note: Check your SPAM or Filtered Email folders for an email from SecurityServices_NoReply@adp.com